Message from the Chair

During the first year of our new Strategic Plan, WoodGreen has achieved tremendous results in addressing critical social needs through the delivery of innovative, solution based programming.

Our core programs and services create new paths to opportunity and equip people with the knowledge and skills that they need to succeed. The goal is to continue to build on our core service offerings.

As drivers of social innovation, we foster the development of dynamic and collaborative teams within WoodGreen and across the sector to best meet the needs of our clients. We use our experience and insight and have continued to inform policy at each level of government to ensure that the voices of marginalized and vulnerable populations are brought to the table.

We are exceptionally proud of what has been achieved over the past year. Many thanks to the staff and volunteers for their hard work and dedication. Our donors have provided invaluable philanthropic support, and lastly I’d like to recognize our talented Board of Directors. They generously volunteer their time and expertise to help the organization fulfill its mission. We are excited to be a part of the journey with Anne and her leadership team as they expand the positive impact of WoodGreen.

Jasmine Tehara
Chair, WoodGreen Community Services