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Corporate Partnerships: Making a Difference with WoodGreen

Thank you for your interest in supporting WoodGreen Community Services!  We have a number of corporate engagement opportunities, including volunteering, so you’ve come to the right place – and we are grateful you are here. WoodGreen could not achieve the transformative outcomes that it does without the support of our donors and corporate partners, who step up to make a difference in our community.

Corporate Giving

WoodGreen is an ideal partner for your corporate giving strategy and we are eager to work with you! Our breadth of services is broad and that allows us to align well with our corporate partners and their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies.  WoodGreen is constantly looking to improve our outcomes and move the needle on the most critical issues facing our city today. Your investment in WoodGreen will help make the difference. We are pleased to work with corporate donors to align with their Corporate Social Responsibility programs.  We offer corporate partners multiple recognition, engagement and team building opportunities.

Please contact Kathy Koch for more information: (416) 645-6000 ext. 1987,

If you are interested in learning more, we would be happy to provide insight into WoodGreen’s programs and would love to learn more about your organization so that we can create a customized corporate engagement strategy just for you.

Corporate Volunteering

WoodGreen’s Corporate Volunteer Program gives your group the opportunity to make a difference in your community and gain a greater understanding of some of the critical social issues in Toronto. Our corporate volunteer opportunities offer an excellent team building experience and allow groups to make a positive impact on their community, encouraging employees to use their skills and talents in a rewarding way. We strive to make the experience rewarding for your teams.

We offer our corporate partners:

  • Team building opportunities for large and small groups
  • Hands-on volunteer opportunities to make a difference in the community
  • Learning opportunities to better understand key social issues from experts in the field
  • The opportunity to share your skills and connect with others
  • On-site supervision to ensure the volunteer day runs smoothly

The process is simple:

  1. Submit an inquiry to Kathy Koch at Make sure to include the following:
    1. Group size
    2. Timeline (when are you hoping to volunteer?)
    3. Past volunteer experience for the group, if any
  2. We will set up quick call to discuss available opportunities that fit your group’s size, ability, and interests, to ensure alignment (both for WoodGreen clients and your team members)
  3. Once your group is booked, we will share a volunteer sign-up sheet, basic itinerary, and orientation document for your volunteers so they know what to expect from the day.

We make it as smooth as possible for you so you and your team can focus on making a difference!

For questions, please contact Kathy Koch for more information: (416) 645-6000 ext. 1987,

Team Building Opportunities – Care Packages for WoodGreen Clients

For people living in poverty, access to basic necessities can be limited. You and your group can make a difference by creating care packages filled with essentials to ease the lives of WoodGreen clients.

Collecting the items and assembling the Care Packages is a great family, friend, or team building activity and will brighten the day for men, women and children in need.

Packages can be created in large ziploc bags, sturdy cloth or paper bags, baskets or boxes; we encourage creativity. Personal greetings from family members are always nice too.

Are you looking for a fun and engaging group volunteer opportunity that makes an impact? Help us build WoodGreen Care Kits for those in the community who need it most. There are no limits to group sizes; whether your group is 5 or 500, you can help us, help our community. Click here for more information.

For questions, please contact Kathy Koch for more information: 416-645-6000 ext 1987,

Employee Giving & Matching Campaigns

Become a Difference Maker see the tangible impact in your community.

Employees can make a difference with their teams and through their own efforts.  Here are a few ways that you can take action and support the critical work that WoodGreen is doing in our community…

  • Matching Gifts
  • United Way
  • Third Party Events & Fundraising for WoodGreen
  • Care Packages for WoodGreen Clients
  • Volunteer as an Individual

For questions, please contact Kathy Koch for more information: (416) 645-6000 ext. 1987,

Corporate Matching Gifts

STEP 1: Donate

Make a donation to WoodGreen and become a Difference Maker!

STEP 2: Find your Employer

Search your company here or ask your HR team if they have a matching program.

Note that even if your company does not appear on this list, it may still offer a matching gift program. Check with your HR team to see if they can help you increase your impact!

STEP 3: Get your donation matched, and increase your impact!

For questions, please contact Kathy Koch for more information: (416) 645-6000 ext. 1987,

United Way

WoodGreen is an anchor agency for United Way of Greater Toronto and has been a member since United Way came to the city.  United Way describes anchor agencies as “the backbone of our community service network throughout the region” and we are immensely grateful for their investment to fight poverty in our community. When you make a gift to United Way, you are helping organizations like WoodGreen create sustainable change. You can check with your HR team to see if your company participates.

Volunteer as an Individual

There are many opportunities to volunteer as an individual and take your commitment to WoodGreen and your community to the next level.  Whether you are interested in Meals on Wheels, connecting with isolated community members via Friendly Visits, or Mentoring, we would love your support!  Here is the link to Individual Volunteer opportunities page.

Recognizing our Corporate Partners

We sincerely appreciate the support of our corporate partners and know that you are critical to the outcomes WoodGreen works so hard to achieve – thank you.  To that end we recognize our partners in our Annual Reports and on social media whenever possible. Depending on the level of engagement, additional opportunities for recognition exist and are open for discussion.

Please contact Kathy Koch for more information: (416) 645-6000 ext.1987,