Building an Ontario Health Team in Downtown East Toronto

As part of its broader health system transformation strategy, the Government of Ontario has set in motion a plan to build a connected health care system centered on patients, families and caregivers through the creation of Ontario Health Teams.

Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) are a new way of organizing and delivering care that is more connected to patients in their local communities. Primary care, health and community services providers will work as one coordinated team – no matter where they provide care – with the goal of making it easier for patients to navigate the system and transition between providers.

This is an exciting time in health care and WoodGreen Community Services is very pleased to be a partner in the development of an Ontario Health Team in Downtown East Toronto. We will continue to use this space to share updates along with our partners so please check back here often.

WoodGreen Community Services is collaborating with a number of partners who are focusing on identified areas of improvement that will enable a full OHT application submission in the future.

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Timeline of our journey.