Advancing Potential


Provide stabilization, training, employment, and settlement services by investing in the integration and enhancement of our core programs to ensure clients have access to skills, training, financial counselling, English language training, education and employment services. Invest in deepening innovation across WoodGreen to test new approaches to service delivery.

Helping clients find new careers or helping newcomers settle into Toronto helps not only these individuals and their families — but also our economy and our city. In providing education and training, we empower people to lift themselves out of poverty, creating a path to opportunity, decreasing the divide and improving the quality of life for everyone in the city.

WoodGreen works to ensure clients are financially stabilized; and have access to skills training, counselling, language skills, and education and employment services. One of the key stabilizing factors is reducing income volatility. WoodGreen will focus on stabilizing people who have lost their jobs or have been displaced by technology or the changing employment landscape. We will assist them in securing their benefits and building a path to new career opportunities.

Your support will allow:

  • Enhanced programming to decrease income volatility and optimize employment opportunities for individuals displaced in the changing labour market and other at-risk groups such as newcomers to help keep them from drifting into poverty.
  • A focused poverty reduction and workplace readiness program to enable clients to receive the support and skills training they require to keep them housed, maintain their benefits and empower them to move towards stabilization or employment.
  • Investment in deepening innovation across WoodGreen to test new approaches to service delivery.

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