Subscribe for Good

Imagine being able to provide sustainable support to the most marginalized members of your community for as much as you would pay for a monthly coffee or a streaming service.  “Subscribe for Good” is re-imagining monthly giving so you can have tangible impact in your community, in any amount you feel comfortable, in the simplest way possible!

Every month we subscribe to countless services like TV and music – why not Subscribe for Good and make a difference in your community? For the price of a couple coffees or a streaming service, Subscribe for Good provides donors with the simplest, most efficient way to donate monthly. By registering for monthly donations, you will work side-by-side with WoodGreen to make long-lasting improvements to critical social needs in the community.

By using Subscribe for Good you: 

  • Give in a sustainable way, with donations that are manageable for your budget
  • Avoid the hassle of re-entering details every time you make a donation (one-time sign up!)
  • Contribute to the longevity of WoodGreen by providing sustainable, monthly donations
  • Become part of a community of regular donors, with quarterly updates and regular impact stories
  • You will receive a consolidated charitable tax receipt upon completion of the calendar year

Register now to become a Difference Maker and Subscribe for Good! 

Questions? Please contact The WoodGreen Foundation at or call 416-645-6000 x4001