The Face of Poverty is Changing

It is no longer confined to the fringes of society. It is no longer only the homeless man sleeping on a grate, the woman fleeing an abusive situation or a teen squeegee wielder.

Today, poverty is far more pervasive.

Poverty is complex –

WoodGreen provides solutions

JOIN US To deliver transformational change and tackle poverty in all its manifestations.

JOIN US In disrupting the norm and delivering innovative programs.

JOIN US Together we can make a difference in our communities.

WoodGreen has a plan to tackle poverty.

The WoodGreen Foundation is launching a $20 million poverty reduction campaign. It will address all the inter-related facets of poverty including: housing, living expenses, skills training, stable employment, and the mental and physical health and well-being of the most vulnerable people in our city.

Our campaign will improve access, expand and enhance vital programs, and inspire innovation to effect real, sustainable change.

With your help and WoodGreen’s front-line expertise, the Difference Makers Campaign will create a more equitable city, where everyone has an opportunity to thrive and fulfill their potential.

$10M Housing, $5M Homeword Bound, $1.5M Advancing Potential, $2M Youth Programming, $1.5M Community Care


After he lost his job, he experienced mental health issues including extreme anxiety and depression.  He began misusing drugs and alcohol and lost everything – his home, his health and finally his family.  He ended up living on the street, often being turned away from an over-capacity shelter.

“Three years ago I lost everything. My job. My home. My family. I tried to kill myself and I ended up sleeping on the street. WoodGreen got me the the help I needed. I now have my own apartment and am making my way back – one day at a time.”




Who fled from her abusive husband and has been staying in a shelter for the past five months with her two small children, with no money, no family and no hope for the future.

“When my husband lost his job, he began drinking. Then the abuse started. First on me, then the kids. That’s when I fled and ended up in a shelter. In the shelter, I heard about Homeward Bound, a miracle program that removed all the barriers to starting over including child care, housing, education and trauma counselling support for me and my kids. It offered hope and community and turned my despair into opportunity.”



Who spent her life moving from foster home to foster home and turned to drugs to numb the pain. She is now addicted to opioids and living on the streets.

“I remember being really confused when they took me away. I was only 10. My first foster family couldn’t handle me and I had to move. Before I ‘aged out’ at 18, I had lived in four foster homes and gone to six different schools. I just remember feeling so angry and so alone. I want to finish high school, but it’s hard when I don’t know where I’m sleeping at night. Free 2 Be sounds like exactly what I needed when I was 18. I hope young people who are ‘aging out’ know that real support does exist.”



A Lab Technologist and refugee from Syria. Even with a Bachelor of Science degree, he has been unable to find stable employment since arriving in Toronto two years ago.

“Two years ago, I fled the civil war in Syria and came to Canada. But when I arrived in Toronto, I was not able to find work; my skills were not recognized. No one would hire me. WoodGreen was able to get me the right training and credentials to find work in my field. Now I can start giving back to this great country that welcomed me so openly.”


Who fell and broke her hip. Vulnerable and alone, she can’t care for herself.

“I am 81 years old. When I fell and broke my hip, WoodGreen created a personalized plan for me with support workers, Meals on Wheels and even transportation to my medical appointments. The Seniors Crisis Line provides me the peace of mind and support to allow me stay safely in my own home. I am so grateful to WoodGreen. I call them my family.”