Homeward Bound



Scale the highly successful women empowerment model, Homeward Bound, locally, provincially and nationally.

Homeward Bound is a proven, innovative wrap-around program to help inadequately housed and homeless, single mothers earn college diplomas, start careers and achieve self-sufficiency for themselves and their children. Homeward Bound opens doors, provides child care, training, education and housing, and creates a pathway to independence and family security.

Impact statistics speak to the success of this program. At intake, 86% of Homeward Bound participants were accessing social assistance.

Today, 94% of those participants are living in stable housing, with an average income of $43,000.

WoodGreen is embarking on a plan to expand our current Homeward Bound program in Toronto and to scale the highly successful Homeward Bound model at the provincial and national levels.

Your support will allow:

  • The expansion of Homeward Bound within the GTA.
  • Establishment of a Homeward Bound Hub site for centralized programming, to enable scattered housing or cluster site models.
  • The development of a strategy to scale the Homeward Bound model to provincial and national levels.

Learn more about Homeward Bound here.