The caregiver friendly hospital: Recognizing and supporting young carers

Often when we think of family caregivers we think of a patient’s spouse or adult children. But a recent article in The Globe and Mail estimated that more than a million Canadians under the age of 25 are taking on a caregiver role, often for a grandparent, parent or sibling with a disability or chronic condition. Young caregivers have been in the spotlight lately as a group in need of support, engagement and recognition of their unique needs.

As part of a new initiative with WoodGreen Community Services and the Change Foundation, Bridgepoint is working to improve the support and engagement of caregivers both in the hospital and in the community. Young caregivers will be part of the conversation.

Grade 12 student David and his sister Amy, who is in Grade 11, are caregivers for their grandfather here at Bridgepoint say they want to contribute their ideas. Read more about Amy and David’s experience here.