WoodGreen and Accommodation, Information and Support (AIS) sign MOU to come together under one organization (WoodGreen Community Services)

WoodGreen Community Services and Accommodation, Information and Support (AIS) sign Memorandum of Understanding to come together under one organization (WoodGreen Community Services)

The Boards of Directors of WoodGreen Community Services and AIS have come together to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to complete a voluntary integration of operations into a single corporation (WoodGreen Community Services), effective January 1, 2020, pending approval from both the Toronto Central LHIN and the Ministry of Health.

AIS and WoodGreen believe the timing is opportune to leverage our joint expertise to better serve clients who need intensive mental health and supportive housing supports.

In fact, AIS and WoodGreen align in many areas including our mission and values, the vulnerable client groups we both work to serve, our shared expertise and experience providing supportive housing, a tremendous group of expert Board, staff and management and sound financial state.

AIS has been an important provider of supportive housing in Toronto with 4 buildings in residential communities.  For people with mental health challenges who are homeless, finding housing is challenging. AIS’s Strategic Plan sets out to build more homes and expand the unique support services beyond its current 4 buildings in Toronto. WoodGreen shares similar ambitions to AIS’s plan to increase new stock to meet the growing need for integrated housing with supports in the City, and is currently developing 36 new housing units at 1117 Gerrard Street East. The AIS focus on housing with supports is strongly aligned with WoodGreen’s housing services mandate. The integration of the two organizations will enhance collective programming capacity in areas such as case management, community development, nutritional programming, hoarding help; trauma and spiritual therapy and gentle yoga.

WoodGreen is already one of the largest non-municipal providers of affordable housing in Toronto, and is committed to further growing housing operations in the immediate and long term. Additionally, WoodGreen currently owns, manages and provides service at 12 other affordable housing sites, and also provides services at several TCHC housing locations. Since 2008, WoodGreen has contributed more than 200 units of affordable housing to Toronto’s stock.  WoodGreen is uniquely positioned to offer a full basket of services including child care, seniors’ services with a focus psychogeriatric mental health support, newcomer support, employment and many other mental health services to support our residents.

 WoodGreen’s integrated housing model delivers a seamless client experience, supports aging-in-place and builds inclusive communities. For these reasons, WoodGreen and AIS are a natural fit to come together in partnership to better serve our mutual client groups while achieving operational efficiencies.

About WoodGreen Community Services

WoodGreen has an 82-year history of serving some of Toronto’s most vulnerable, marginalized communities by offering wrap around supports to address the unique needs of our clients. A United Way Anchor Agency, WoodGreen combines significant scale and a proven track record with an entrepreneurial mindset, continuously seeking and developing innovative solutions to critical social needs.

WoodGreen is one of the largest social service agencies in Toronto, serving 37,000 people each year. Together we help people find safe, affordable housing, seniors live independently, internationally-trained professionals enter the job market, parents access childcare, children and youth access after-school programs, newcomers settle in to Canadian life, homeless and marginalized people get off the streets, youth find meaningful employment and training and provide a wide range of mental health supports.

About Accommodation, Information and Support (“AIS”)

When AIS was created in 1972, it became a pioneer of the supportive housing model.  AIS owns and manages four small apartment buildings in the residential communities of: Riverdale; Upper Beaches; Annex and Downtown Toronto.  Since 2003, AIS has operated a mixed use residential/commercial building. Funds earned from this entrepreneurial activity further support the mission of AIS.  Although a small team of 18 persons, AIS staff have had significant impacts on enhancing tenant wellness through their unique programs and services.  AIS identified WoodGreen as an ideal partner because of WoodGreen’s strong leadership, systems transformation activities; entrepreneurial drive; and their capacity to enhance supportive housing options.