How your support is helping seniors and caregivers in our community

Like Darlene and Desmond. Desmond is the caregiver for Darlene, his wife of 33 years. Darlene has MS and her memory is failing. When she became more confused and began to ask the same questions again and again, caring for her at home, every hour of every day, was isolating and exhausting. Desmond was getting overwhelmed so he reached out to WoodGreen.

Darlene began attending WoodGreen’s Seniors Day Program, which provides recreational and therapeutic activities for older adults who are physically frail or have Alzheimer’s disease or other cognitive impairments. At first, Darlene was hesitant to go but now she enjoys this five-day-a-week program, and the activities and social interactions keep her happily stimulated and engaged. The program has been invaluable for Darlene and gives Desmond some much-needed breathing space in his 24-hour caregiving duties.

As well, Desmond has been able to connect to WoodGreen’s new Caregiver Support and Wellness Program. He finally has someone to talk to about his feelings of sadness and loss, and the burden of his role as caregiver. Through WoodGreen’s Caregiver Program, Desmond receives vital emotional support, education and skills-building resources, and the coping strategies he needs to help him manage Darlene’s day-to-day challenges and his own self-care. His personal well-being has increased dramatically and he’s better able to care for Darlene.

Your generosity during this season of giving will ensure that WoodGreen can continue to help people like Darlene and Desmond.