Inspiring the Conversation About LESSHOMELESS in Our City

WoodGreen’s President & CEO, Anne Babcock, and The WoodGreen Foundation’s Executive Director, Teresa Vasilopoulos kicking off the #LESSHOMELESS campaign.

Your Opportunity to Make a Difference

The face of poverty is changing.

Just one bump in the road – an illness, loss of employment, family break-up – can take a person or family into a downward spiral of poverty and ultimately homelessness.
As a society we need to get serious about tackling poverty.
WoodGreen, one of Toronto’s largest non-municipal providers of affordable housing, is doing just that. With the launch of our “LESSHOMELESS” awareness campaign, WoodGreen is calling on caring individuals to start the conversation and do more to achieve ‘less homeless’. Through a collaboration with Peace Collective, WoodGreen has created a LESSHOMELESS t-shirt (sponsored by friends of WoodGreen) to spark dialogue on the topic.
We need to develop long-term strategies to enable us to meet the needs of our clients and our greater Toronto community, so that is why we want to start the conversation to help people better understand the importance of affordable housing and the role they can play as Difference Makers,” said Teresa Vasilopoulos, Executive Director of The WoodGreen Foundation.
WoodGreen is hoping this campaign will inspire people to wear the shirt to help further the conversation.The LESSHOMELESS shirts are available with a donation of $100 or more, with the full proceeds supporting the key Housing pillar of WoodGreen’s The Difference Makers poverty reduction campaign.The Difference Makers campaign has a target of raising $20 million in support of WoodGreen.
Donate here to become a Difference Maker and receive a LESSHOMELESS Peace Collective t-shirt.
Learn more about The Difference Makers campaign here.