What Can You Do with Just One Dollar?

Throughout her 25-year career in fundraising, Teresa Vasilopoulos talked to many parents and grandparents who were looking for a way to teach their children and grandchildren about the value of giving back and helping others. These conversations, and the experience of teaching her own children about giving, inspired Teresa to write a children’s book called What Can You Do With Just One Dollar?

What Can You Do with Just One Dollar? is a book that focuses on diversity and inclusion and shows that all kids, no matter their background or circumstances, can enjoy the wonderful feeling of pride and accomplishment one receives when they give. The book’s illustrator, Vic Guiza, is an award-winning illustrator with experience with top brands such as Disney, Marvel Comics. Teresa and Vic collaborated to create a visually inclusive and representative story so readers of different cultures, situations or experiences can see themselves in the characters and dream about how they can give or help others as it relates to their own life.


Teresa was named the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Global Fundraising Executive for 2022.  Her book is a self-publication and all proceeds of this book go to WoodGreen, Toronto’s largest social service agency, an organization focused on equity, inclusion, and poverty reduction.

Available for purchase online.