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COVID-19 Commitment


Four people wearing masks on the street loading non-perishable food items into a WoodGreen vehicle
Four people wearing masks on the street loading non-perishable food items into a WoodGreen vehicle
Kim Lem and Najmussahar Zafar from Child Care & Family Services and driver Steven Li load food for those in need.

When COVID-19 struck, we quickly realized that immediate action was required in order to address the enormity of the challenges the crisis presented for our vulnerable clients. The WoodGreen Foundation issued an urgent, multi-pronged #COVID19commitment challenge. We were heartened and humbled by the outpouring of support from our generous community.

The humanity of our donors, and their response to our COVID-19 appeals, made it possible for us to: keep food on the tables of our clients and ensure they had essential personal care items; to protect our front-line staff and clients with vital personal protection equipment; to supply isolation/activity kits to help to maintain the mental health of our clients; and to provide the new equipment and technology to enable staff to connect remotely with clients and to allow our home-bound clients to connect with the outside world.

Generous financial contributions, in-kind donations and community partnerships allowed us to respond to the wide-spread need for emergency groceries and household supplies as well as prepared meals for a growing number of isolated seniors and other at-risk clients, to ensure no one went hungry.

The support of our generous individual, corporate and charitable foundation donors enabled us to provide vulnerable clients of all ages with specialized packages to meet a variety of needs to care for the whole person – body and soul.

Generous #COVID19commitment donations allowed us to equip clients with smart phones, tablets, computers and data plans to provide virtual bridges to the outside world – and to provide isolated seniors with fans for their comfort and safety.

The overwhelming response to our #COVID19commitment appeal has helped us meet our clients’ most basic and urgent needs and supported their physical, mental and emotional well-being. It has undoubtedly saved lives and it is helping us build a more equitable city.

In times like this, we’re reminded of how interconnected we all are. Now, more than ever, we rely on caring individuals and organizations to come together for the greater good. The human impact is immeasurable.