LESSHOMELESS Awareness Campaign to Spark Conversation and Ignite Action to Reduce Homelessness in Toronto



Toronto, ON – September 19, 2019 – Fact: The wealth gap is widening and inequity is growing twice as fast in Toronto as in the rest of Canada, and that translates to rising homelessness in the city. With the launch of its “LESSHOMELESS” awareness campaign, WoodGreen is calling on citizens of Toronto to start the conversation, and do more to achieve ‘less homeless’. In collaboration with Peace Collective, WoodGreen has created a LESSHOMELESS t-shirt, to spark dialogue on the topic; and it’s just in time for World Homeless Day on October 10, 2019.


The impact of poverty and homelessness affects us all—socially and economically. However, people often have limited understanding of the complexities of the issue and the widespread need for affordable housing. The WoodGreen Foundation hopes this compelling ‘LESSHOMELESS’ campaign will raise awareness and inspire people to become more informed.


The t-shirts make a strong and timely social-issue statement. “Poverty is complicated, and we need to develop long-term strategies to enable us to meet the needs of our clients and our greater Toronto community. That’s why starting this ‘LESSHOMELESS’ conversation—to help people better understand the importance of affordable housing and the role they can play as Difference Makers—is vital,” said Teresa Vasilopoulos, executive director of The WoodGreen Foundation. “We’re launching this campaign just in advance of World Homeless Day on October 10, to inspire Torontonians to dialogue about the growing issue we have right here at home.”


WoodGreen has established a board of influential business and philanthropic leaders to help shine a spotlight on the issues such as homelessness affecting Toronto. Chair of The WoodGreen Foundation Board, Leo Salom, explained, “If we want a more equitable city, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, we need to think differently and act collectively to create transformational change.”


To this end, The WoodGreen Foundation mounted The Difference Makers Campaign – a $20 million poverty reduction campaign in support of WoodGreen Community Services – and has designated $10 million towards increase their affordable housing to address the homelessness crisis in our city.


WoodGreen is encouraging Torontonians to start the conversation around LESSHOMELESS by

  • Following WoodGreen on social media to spread the #LESSHOMELESS message, and share the organization’s Difference Makers story: @woodgreendotorg on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
  • Visiting and sharing the website, LESSHOMELESS.ca, with friends, family and followers
  • Wearing the LESSHOMELESS t-shirt
  • Snapping a photo to show off the t-shirt and posting it to social media on or before World Homeless Day, October 10, 2019 (tag @woodgreendotorg; hashtag: #LESSHOMELESS).
  • LESSHOMELESS shirts are available with a $100 (CDN) donation through the website, LESSHOMELESS.ca.


WoodGreen expects to see notable Toronto personalities wearing the t-shirts and leveraging their social media networks, to elevate awareness for the important “LESSHOMELESS” message.




ABOUT WOODGREEN Community Services

A United Way Anchor Agency, one of the largest social service agencies in Toronto, and one of the largest non-municipal providers of affordable housing, WoodGreen is at the forefront of poverty reduction, providing new pathways to opportunity for some of the city’s most vulnerable residents. WoodGreen combines significant scale and a proven track record with an entrepreneurial mindset, continuously seeking and developing innovative solutions to critical social needs. With an annual operating budget of $50 million, WoodGreen serves 37,000 people each year from 36 locations. WoodGreen helps people find safe, affordable housing, seniors live independently, internationally-trained professionals enter the job market, parents access childcare, homeless and marginalized people get off the streets, youth find meaningful employment and training, individuals with developmental and mental health issues find support, and newcomers settle in to Canadian life. Visit archivewg.wpengine.com for more information.


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